Geniş Zaman

Geniş Zaman


POSITIVE (+): I, you, we, they + verb / (he,she,it + verbs)

I smell a flower
I sit on my armchair
She drives a car
We spend money
They watch movie

NEGATIVE(-): I, you, we, they + don’t verb (he, she, it + doesn’t Verb)

I don’t break a heart
She doesn’t listen to music
They don’t read a book
We don’t understand English
We don’t pay

QUESTION(?): Do + I, you, we, they + verb ? (does +  he, she, it + Verb ?

Does she sell flowers?
Do you teach French?
Do I forgive you?

NEGATIVE QUESTION(-?): Don’t + I, you, we, they + verb? (doesn’t + he, she, it + verb ?

Don’t you understand me?
Doesn’t she grow fruits?
Don’t they come tonight?

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